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Custom Bobblehead Nurse

Custom Bobblehead Nurse

Custom Bobblehead Nurse
Custom Bobblehead Nurse$90.00
+$20 (With Proofs) [?]
Quantity: Quantity Discounts
TOTAL DOLLS (quantity 1):$90.00
Exact Duplicate of this Bobblehead - $69
Add Bottle Opener - $65
Add Key Chain - $65
Add Wine Bottle Stopper - $65
Production Options DETAILS
Standard Delivery(9-12 weeks) $25.00
Priority Delivery(6-8 weeks)$50.00
Express Delivery(3-4 weeks) $75.00
Rush Delivery(14 business days, Internal proofing only) $100.00
Super Delivery(7 business days, Internal proofing only) $150.00
Product Subtotal: $90.00
Grand Total for Today's Design

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Item Description
PLEASE NOTE: the bobblehead to the left represents the body you will be receiving with your customized head, the body and or its pose cannot be changed, only clothing colors can be selected, it does not include any of the accessories shown including hats, glasses or imprints, these options are all available for an additional fee. If you would like specific accessories, imprints or logos added to your bobblehead you must click on the appropriate option(s) even if they are included in the pictures you are submitting. We offer both standard and premium colors for clothing as well as additional options. Please click on each "drop down" as it might enhance the look of your bobblehead. We cannot accept Licensed or Trademarked Logos and or Names for inclusion on any part of the bobblehead. If you would like to totally customize your bobblehead (head to toe) we recommend using our Custom Head to Toe Category. On the left side of this page click on Custom Bobbleheads, and then our Custom Head to Toe Category is the first icon on the second row.

Design & Customize
Her Options
Her Bobblehead Size:  
Base Label Inscription:  
Her Base Color:  
Her Skin Tone:  [View Colors]
Her Eye Color:  [View Colors]
Her Hair Color:  [View Colors]
Clothing: Select The Colors or Options That Applies
Her Shirt/T-Shirt/Sweater Color:  
Her Scarf Color:  
Her Jacket/Coat Color:  
Her Pants/Dress/Shorts Color:  
Her Footwear Color:  
Her Sock Color:  
Her Belt Color:  
Her Handbag Color:  
Her Molded Glasses:  
Her Writing on Shirt FRONT SIDE:  
Her Writing on Shirt BACK SIDE:  
Her Logo FRONT SIDE:  
Her Logo BACK SIDE:  
Her Hat:  
Her Molded Jewelry One Piece:  
Her Molded Face Jewelry:  
Special Instructions & Comments
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